Market Analysis

Market Trends – How are local, state and national market trends changing? How will these changes affect the marketability of your property?

Demographic Review – A review of existing demographic profiles that could impact development and/or sale of your property.

Land Use Options – Determine the best ultimate site utilization by determining site limitations for use in mapping potential markets and possible purchasers.

Environmental Conditions – Is contamination real or perceived? What is the level of contamination and what limitations does it impose?

Constructability Study – Reuse of existing structures or construction of new, a geotechnical assessment is essential for site planning and development.

Investment Requirements & Incentives – From land assembly to demolition costs and environmental remediation, the BMS helps you make truly informed decisions.

Expected Tax Returns – An estimate of tax revenue projections helps assess redevelopment options for your brownfield project.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is the key to successful brownfields redevelopment. Using the data and information gathered in the market analysis, the strategy further evaluates project issues, develops community organization options, identifies partnerships, funding opportunities, and economic development tools for success.

STS also provides assistance with development and coordination of community outreach and public comment, Work Plan approval, and marketing services such as brochures, Requests for Proposals and listing agreements for sale or lease of the site. For more information contact Lisa Weatherford, STS Lansing Regional Office at (517) 321-4964.