STS Captures More Chicago Lakeshore Work


When the time came for the City of Chicago's most valuable asset to be rehabilitated, STS jumped at the opportunity to help out. The current shoreline, which stretches for miles and was created more than 40 years ago is badly deteriorating. More importantly, the passageways throughout the edge of the city, especially Chicago's infamous Lake Shore Drive, is subject to mass flooding. The City of Chicago and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are collaborating efforts to repair eight miles of the shoreline. The overall project represents over $300 million from federal, state and local sources. STS has played a part in the project since 1997 and recently landed its latest contract through the City of Chicago to begin shoreline work between Chicago's 54th and 57th Street, an area otherwise known as "Promintary Point."

The plan involves construction of lake retention walls, drainage for pulsing water that bypasses structural barricades, and construction of two swimming areas. STS will perform Structural and Geotechnical engineering work, handling the entire coastal design, analyzing the lake's waves and lake level frequencies, and will also devise a plan for upland drainage systems located on park property to safely transport overflowed water back to the lake. Aside from the coastal design, STS's Civil engineering team will provide the plan specifications for storm drainage, grading and beautification of the area once construction is complete.