STS is a leader in the field of geotechnical engineering. STS applies this knowledge of the underground, combined with risk-based philosophies, to return environmentally impaired properties to productive use. We develop site characterization and remediation programs that meet regulatory requirements, our client's environmental objectives, and that are consistent with future land use plans.

STS begins each project seeking to understand the client’s overall goals and objectives, to develop a clear vision of the end result. This is defined by the client’s needs, technical feasibility, and practicability. Then, using risk-based objectives, efficient and practical methods and techniques in combination with innovative technology, we offer our clients solutions which result in the most cost effective and efficient restorations possible.


Site Evaluation

  • Phase I - Environmental Site Assessment
  • Multimedia Site Characterization
  • Fate and Transport Modeling
  • Risk Based Screening

Risk Assessment

  • Identify Exposure Pathways
  • Contaminant Level Comparison
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Develop Site Cleanup Objectives

Remedy Selection

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Remedial Design
  • Budget Development
  • Agency Negotiations
  • End Use Planning


  • Innovative Technologies
  • Voluntary Cleanup Programs
  • Oversight of Remedial Activities

Regulatory and Community Interaction

  • Permitting
  • Compliance
  • Client Advocacy
  • Community Relations

Litigation Support

  • Expert Testimony
  • Field Testing and Sampling
  • Cost Recovery Strategy