Transaction Due Diligence - Environmental Evaluations


The threat of potential environmental contamination on a site is one of the most common deal breakers. Learning of the potential environmental impacts early can save both time and money. The selling price will surely be affected by the condition of the site.

STS has extensive experience gathering accurate data to fully understand the environmental condition of the site. We will work with you to understand the extent of contamination and the possible uses for the impacted site. In addition, we can provide innovative approaches to remediation of the site making it suitable for other uses.

Site and Structure Assessments
  • Baseline Environmental Studies
  • Perform Phase I Site Assessments According to ASTM Standards
  • Identify Asbestos, Lead and PCB Products
  • Locate and Map Extent of Environmental Contamination
  • Compile Formal Reports
Remediation Option Studies
  • Determine Economical Options from Site Assessment Results
  • Determine Costs and Schedules for Options
  • Work with Agencies to Obtain Permits
Permit Compliance Audits
  • Prepare Audits Per Regulatory Requirements
  • Compile Database of Information for Future Use
Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  • Existing Sampling and Reporting Services
  • Discussion of Future Use Impact on Air Quality