Transaction Due Diligence - Overview


Property transactions are filled with uncertainties.

  • What are the actual conditions of the building components?
  • Can the existing structures handle new loads?
  • Are contaminated materials present on site?
  • What is the feasibility of upgrading the property?

Answers to these and other questions can make or break a deal. The answers will also help define the present value of the land and existing buildings in question. For Over 50 years, STS has been working with lenders, buyers and sellers to evaluate sites. We are experienced in identifying and evaluating the potential risks associated with the property. Every component of the site is analyzed from the subsurface conditions to the roof.

STS will provide you with one comprehensive report that details the condition of the various components of the site. In addition, we will provide a summary of the existing conditions along with cost estimates for regulatory compliance and maintenance.

The information contained in the due diligence report can assist you in negotiating the most favorable contract. In short, we help take the surprises out of your property transaction.

Building Component Evaluations
  • Structural Condition Surveys
  • Roofing and Wall Cladding Investigations
  • Architectural Condition Surveys
  • Electrical Condition and Capacity Surveys
  • Mechanical Condition and Capacity Surveys
  • Building Code Compliance Verification
  • Environmental Materials Investigation
Site Evaluations
  • Pavement Surveys and Recommendations
  • Floodplain, Floodway and Stormwater Issues
  • Environmental Investigations and Recommendations
  • Utility and Underground Structure Identification
Environmental Evaluations
  • Site and Structure Assessments
  • Remediation Option Studies
  • Permit Compliance Audits
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations
Property Upgrade/Rehabilitation
  • Permitting and Agency Negotiations
  • Project Funding Assistance
  • Building Repair Plans and Specifications
  • Pavement Repair Plans and Specifications
  • Environmental Rehabilitation
  • Drainage Design Plans and Specifications
  • Project Execution Services