Transaction Due Diligence - Property Upgrade/ Rehabilitation


When purchasing property, the feasibility of alternative site uses and the associated costs may need to be considered. Information gathered by STS during the site condition survey phase can be used to assess the feasibility of alternative site uses. In addition, STS can provide pricing for the various upgrade options.

Once the preferred plan is identified, STS can follow through with the design and construction monitoring. It is a natural progression to operate as project mangers who develop the concepts into complete facilities. Our clients have realized project efficiencies when they keep STS involved throughout the life of the project. STS offers the following property upgrade/rehabilitation services:

Permitting and Agency Negotiations
  • Preliminary Discussions Regarding Planned Improvements
  • Preparation of Permit Drawings, Studies and Applications
  • Owner Assistance in Agency Negotiations/Hearings
  • Expert Witness Testimony
Assistance in Project Funding
  • Identification of Potential Funding Sources
  • Assistance in Obtaining Grants or Other Funds
Building Repair Plans and Specifications
  • Preparation of Plans and Specifications
  • Determination of Structural Capacity
  • Determination of Foundation Capacity
  • Upgrades to Current Building Code Requirements
  • Remodeling Plans Incorporating Owner’s Needs
  • Contractor/Supplier Warranty Evaluations
Pavement Repair Plans and Specifications
  • Layout Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Existing Condition Survey Using Standard Rating System
  • Subsurface Investigation of Pavement Support Conditions
  • Life-cycle Costing of Repair Alternatives
  • Preparation of Plans and Specifications
Environmental Rehabilitation
  • Site Evaluation and Laboratory Testing of Samples
  • Option Studies of Acceptable Remediation Methods
  • Preparation of Plans and Specifications
  • Compilation of Mitigation Documents for Agency Review
  • Demolition and Closure Plans
Drainage Design Plans and Specifications
  • Site Evaluation of Inflow/Outflow Limitations
  • Sizing and Locating of Drainage/Retention Structures
  • Preparation of Project Plans and Specifications
  • Mitigation of Delineated Wetlands (as Appropriate)
  • Stormwater NPDES Permitting
Project Execution Services
  • Contractor Selection and Oversight
  • Project Coordination
  • Owner’s Representative, Including Approvals
  • Liaison with Agencies
  • Materials Testing and Reporting
  • Verification of Plans and Specifications During Construction