Transaction Due Diligence - Site Evaluation

  When determining the value of an existing property, you need to know the conditions of pavements, utilities and soils beneath the surface. Due diligence requires environmental assessments, flood and drainage studies and future value studies for the site. In addition, you may want to pursue funding source investigations for contaminated, historical or government assisted sites. STS has a proven track record in assisting owners and buyers to determine how best to move ahead with their property. Our site evaluation services include:

Pavement Surveys and Recommendations
  • Existing Condition Site Surveys
  • Life-Cycle Costing of Repair Alternates
  • Pavement Design and Construction Services
Floodplain, Floodway and Stormwater Issues
  • Wetland Delineation and Mitigation
  • Floodplain and Floodway Boundary Identification
  • Existing Utility Location and Evaluation
  • Drainage Design/Construction
  • Permit Issue Resolution
Environmental Investigations and Recommendations
  • Risk-based Site Assessment
  • Contamination Identification and Mapping
  • Groundwater Impact Assessment
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Assistance in Project Funding
Utility and Underground Structure Identification
  • Non-Destructive Utility Location Services
  • Environmental Assessments of Underground Tanks
  • Site Mapping Services