How to find best vendor for your wedding

Your wedding is a very special time. It can be challenging finding the right vendors which is an essential step in your bridal planning process. As these vendors will influence how successful your wedding will be.

The vendors that you choose should have excellent customer service skills; they should consult with you, and help you through your planning process. For example if you are searching for specific song selections for traditional dances, the Disc Jockey should find out what your personal tastes are and then let you sample selections of music until the ideal choices are made.

They should guide you and help you to focus on the fact that your wedding entertainment should be a reflection of your own style and not theirs.

As such, ideally your wedding photographer should be able to capture your personalities on photographs and not merely standard poses. The vendor’s ability to customize and reflect your personality into your wedding ceremony and reception is important. They should be able to accommodate to your tastes and offer advice where needed to help ensure your wedding runs soothingly.

Most venues or hotels have a wedding contact person who will assist you. Ensure that they are open to listening to you are do not give your wedding a generic approach. A good wedding vendor should be able to work with you by adapting their style to your preferences.

Ask people who have recently been married for recommendations on reliable and affordable vendors. Attend bridal fairs and look at advertisements in magazines, newspapers, and on the web.

Once you find a vendor set up an in person meeting with them. Ask for cost estimates in writing. Don’t be afraid to negotiate price since most vendors will expect you to haggle and the worst that can happen is that they say no. Also make sure you contact the vendor’s references.

When you have found a vendor you like and fits your budget make sure you have a signed contract. Read it carefully and make sure that it specifies exactly what services are expected, the price, and if tax and tip will be included. Once there is a signed contract most vendors will require you to pay some money upfront. The remainder will be due on your wedding day.

Remember the only vendors which need to be tipped are the following: valet, coat check, ladies room attendant, delivery drivers, chauffeurs, wait staff, bartenders & table captains (if not already in written contract) However, if it is already outlined in the contract, remember that in some states the gratuity is taxable. This means that if you are paying $1,000 for the food & service you will give a set gratuity (say 16%) $160. Add tax (7.5%) on $1,160 for a total food cost of $1,247. Other wedding vendors such as coordinators, photographers, and florist should be tipped only for extraordinary service.