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Infrastructure Imperative

For more than 50 years we have assisted owners and developers in effectively planning, designing and constructing commercial infrastructure. Office buildings, retail centers, entertainment complexes, warehousing and residential developments all rely on sound site development and construction practices to ensure a safe and long lifecycle.

Our integrated approach to commercial development allows us to employ innovative analysis and evaluation techniques, which can result in cost-effective and time-saving solutions for our clients. From site identification and acquisition through design and construction to facility management, we deliver value.

Transactional Services
We understand the inherent uncertainties associated with property transfers. When acquiring or selling properties, our staff can assist you in the decision-making process by identifying potential risks and evaluating their impacts. Property and structural reviews facilitate smooth transitions.

Site Evaluation and Design Services
When developing a site, you need an understanding of surface and subsurface conditions in order to make site layout, design and construction decisions. Our extensive knowledge of how soil, water and environmental conditions impact design and construction have resulted in substantial savings to our clients.

Construction Services
The construction phase of a project requires careful consideration of cost, quality, schedule and potential claims. Our review of contractors' scopes of work for various trades prior to selection often reduces cost and schedule problems and prevents claims during and after construction.

Through design and construction details review, we can often identify alternatives in design, materials and means and methods to reduce life cycle costs and construction schedules. We are able to establish and manage quality assurance programs to ensure that the project is constructed in accordance with plans and specifications.

Facility Services
Keeping properties in good condition requires timely investment, identification and repair of existing or emerging problems and developing maintenance and implementation schedules. Our facility management program helps you keep your facility running in a smooth and efficient manner.

STS offers numerous product lines to the owners and developers of commercial properties:

Civil Engineering
Construction Quality Management
Environmental Management
Environmental Restoration
Property & Structure Services
Transaction Due Diligence
Underground Engineering
Water Quality Management