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Infrastructure Imperative

Mining our earth's valuable natural resources requires a tremendous amount of financial investment and infrastructure. Both underground and surface mining operations face immense engineering challenges, regulatory agency scrutiny and community pressure. Our goal is to provide practical solutions to our mining clients while remaining aware of their overall business objectives and desired standing in the community.

We have successfully provided innovative solutions for over 50 years at quarries, sand & gravel mines, coal mines and iron ore mines. We apply our skills to a wide variety of issues and for a broad range of site components including tailing dam and basin designs and evaluations, reclamation studies, air permitting and emissions control designs, groundwater monitoring, wetland management, stockpile inventory surveys, solids conveyance pipelines, loading/unloading facilities and tunnels.

Our product line offerings to the mining market include:

Civil Engineering
Construction Quality Management
Environmental Management
Environmental Restoration
Property & Structure Services
Solid Waste Management
Transaction Due Diligence
Underground Engineering
Water Quality Management