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Infrastructure Imperative

Kraft Foods North America, Inc.


STS was hired to review Kraft Foods’ internally developed, enhanced Environmental Management System (EMS) framework and make recommendations for streamlining and integrating the management approach.


Upon review of Kraft Foods’ EMS framework, improvements to procedure and work instruction document templates were suggested and incorporated in an STS-authored EMS Procedure Documentation Guideline. STS also developed a procedure structure for each of twelve defined environmental compliance areas: air quality, disposal of organic by-products, wastewater, stormwater, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)/Toxics Release Inventory (TRI), spills, remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, noise, pesticides, well water utilization, emergency releases and planning, solid and hazardous waste. Working closely with Kraft Foods’ corporate and plant staff, STS drafted procedures and work instructions designed to implement the enhanced EMS at the pilot facility.

After incorporating comments from corporate and plant personnel, STS generalized the procedures so they could serve as models for the client’s other North American facilities. They have been distributed to plants throughout the system, where they are currently being customized to meet each facility’s unique situation.

Key Benefits
  • The procedure documentation system was performed on a fast-track basis, proceeding in parallel with other EMS infrastructure development activities.

  • To avoid loss of time and maximize efficiency, STS used a system of relative references so that file references could be updated with a global “search and replace” function.

  • Procedures were designed with integral feedback loops in order to maximize their effectiveness — a high client priority.

  • STS was able to achieve rapid results by drawing on staff resources throughout the company to match each technical area with the required expertise.

  • STS’ industrial experience enabled us to provide Kraft Foods with draft procedures that were “good to go.” The uniform look and feel of the draft procedures and STS’ attention to quality saved Kraft Foods many hours that otherwise would have been consumed in a lengthy review process.