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Infrastructure Imperative

Nestlé Waters North America, Inc.


STS Consultants, Ltd. (STS) was retained to complete a 12-mile Spring Water Delivery System for Nestlé Waters North America (Nestlé). STS designed the pipeline to deliver water from wells located near a natural spring to Nestlé’s local bottling facility where it is bottled and shipped to markets in Michigan and around the Midwest.


STS provided recommendations to help protect the ecosystem and worked with land acquisition experts to gather 30 easements from local landowners allowing permission to run the pipelines across their land.

Although STS has experience performing pipeline design work for several municipalities, this project is unique for the following reasons:
  • First, Nestlé’s pipeline is made entirely of stainless steel to ensure high quality transport for optimum bottling and drinking.

  • Second, the source, amidst 900 acres of beautiful woodlands and scenery, is in an area of wetlands and feeds into a local lake where the preservation of area plant and wildlife present a design/construction challenge to engineers. Consistent with Nestlé's environmental standards and its commitment to environmental stewardship, STS called on wetland experts, botanists, herbitologists and threatened/endangered species experts to ensure plant and animal wildlife would not be adversely impacted either during or after pipeline construction.
STS provided project management services for Nestlé throughout the project. This required an ongoing review of the project’s schedule, budget, and quality assurance programs. As project manager, STS is currently implementing the pipeline control system and providing training to employees. STS completed the very aggressive project schedule on time and under budget while ensuring ecological stability to surrounding environment.