(June 1, 1998, Vernon Hills, Illinois) — On Monday, May 18, 1998, regional leaders gathered to cut the ribbon and dedicate the new Bristol Virginia Quarry Balefill. Bristol Landfill is one of the latest solid waste management projects to utilize an existing quarry for trash disposal. One of only a handful of quarry landfills in the United States, Bristol is an engineering wonder.

The project, started in 1990, was the solution to several problems including: long-term waste disposal, rising waste disposal costs, locating a site that would be agreeable to the community, and dealing with the potential public hazard associated with the quarry. STS Consultants was called in to handle the permitting, design, construction administration and QA/QC for the new facility.

The project design and construction was unique from other landfill projects because of the high, vertical walls, potential risks to workers from loose surface rocks, difficult access, and groundwater flow problems. STS Consultants and the construction companies involved were able to develop innovative solutions to create one of the nations premier landfills.

Baling of the waste was an essential component to the success of the project. STS engineers decided that baling would minimize the number of trucks taking waste into the landfill, provide a more dense mass, minimize settlement, reduce blowing litter, and allow the waste to be disposed of more quickly and efficiently.

The Bristol site which disposes of 400 tons of trash per day is expected to handle the waste disposal needs of the surrounding communities for the next 40 years. Contracts for the site are being secured with city managers in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee; it is expected to handle localities within a 100-mile radius. Recycling is also a major element of the state-of-the-art Bristol landfill. The site handles the recycling of tires and scrap metal, while wood products are incinerated.

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