(Milwaukee, WI) -- STS Consultants, Ltd. has announced the gubernatorial appointment of Jeanne M. Tarvin, CPG as environmental technical representative for the Technical Advisory Council for the Drycleaners Environmental Reimbursement Fund (DERF).

Ms. Tarvin has monitored and tracked DERF since its inception, and Covernor Thompson praised Ms. Tarvin’s commitment to the drycleaning industry, recognizing that she "will do a superb job" on the Council. In addition to serving on the Technical Advisory Council, Ms. Tarvin was also selected as a member of the DERF Rulemaking Committee, a small team of representatives from the technical, legal, drycleaning, and regulatory communities. This committee was established to define the guidelines under which DERF will operate. As a member of both the Advisory Council and the Rulmaking Committee, Ms. Tarvin will keep current of all environmental regulatory issues and legislation affecting the drycleaning industry, attend all pertinent meetings, and communicate status updates to the Wisconsin Fabricare Institute.

Ms. Tarvin has more than 13 years of experience investigating and remediating sites involving chlorinated and petroleum hydrocarbons (PCE, TCE, and stoddard solvents), the primary contaminants associated with drycleaning facilities. She also has substantial experience with PECFA, DATCP, and ERF, environmental reimbursement programs which served as models for DERF.

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