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LaSalle Partners / Amoco Finance Company

Warrenville, Illinois

Performance Period


  • Subsurface Exploration
  • Geotechnical Consulting Services
  • Earthwork & Foundation/Building Construction Monitoring Services

Project Scope
Cantera is large redevelopment of land formerly used as a sand and gravel mine. Subsequent to completion of the mining activity, the site was filled with random excavation spoils, which received variable compaction. Fill is as much as 45 ft. in thickness. The existence of the random fill presented significant challenges with regard to foundations, floor slabs, roadways and infrastructure.

With the variety of construction, 1 to 14 story buildings, STS has a number of techniques to assist the developers with these projects. These have included shallow footings, drilled piers, remove and replace, soil stabilization and site preloading. Preloads have been regularly monitored.

Unique Issues

  • Significant thickness of non-controlled fill often underlying a subsurface layer of well compacted fill.
  • Variable natural soil conditions below the fill.
  • Wide range of Foundation loading conditions.
  • Adverse weather conditions affecting below-grade construction.

Client Benefits

  • Avoid significant additional costs associated with more conventional site preparation/foundation construction.
  • A consistent understanding of continuity between formation of design recommendations and field construction monitoring expedites project completion.


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