Circuit City Stores, Inc. - Various Future CarMax Locations
STS provided Phase I Environmental Assessments for the acquisition of sites for future CarMax locations in Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, and Texas. In addition, following construction and after the beginning of operations, the sites were revisited for the purpose of updating the environmental reports to facilitate a sale-lease back transaction. These new facilities included auto service facilities and USTs for fueling. The assessments included review of compliance with UST upgrade requirements.



Dayton-Hudson Stores - Throughout the Midwest
STS conducted a preliminary evaluation of all underground storage tanks for stores in Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan and Indiana. Each of the underground storage tank locations was categorized based upon either existing or potential environmental impairment. Sites were prioritized to identify the most critical locations requiring remedial actions.



Carson Pirie Scott - Various Locations
STS has provided site assessments, site prioritization, remediation design, bid specification, construction documentation for under-ground storage tanks at facility locations throughout Minnesota. One of these projects included the design and installation of a free product and groundwater extraction and treatment system.



Brickyard Shopping Center - Malan Construction Company - Chicago, Illinois
STS designed a ground improvement system where landfill deposits were densified using dynamic compaction in cut areas of the site in preparation to support shallow foundations, slab-on-grade, and on-grade bituminous concrete parking lots. STS provided a full-time technician on site to monitor the dynamic compaction operations. The STS representative documented the weight, drop height, spacing between impacts, and degree of densification. STS performed laboratory and field testing of the flyash landfill deposit material during filling of the site.



Marshall Field & Co. - Orland Park, Illinois
Performed an investigation into the causes of corrosion damage to structural concrete elements inside this fully enclosed, thirteen year old reinforced concrete structure. Also provided comprehensive field quality control and monitoring services associated with ongoing repairs to the structure.



Nordstrom Department Store - Oak Brook, Illinois
STS performed specialized tests on glazed concrete block to assess potential for cracking. Also observed field installation.



Regional Shopping Centers - Edward J. DeBartolo & Associates - Ohio
STS performed extensive field and office assessments to establish the existing condition of five large regional shopping centers totaling over 3.5 million square feet in plan area. Included evaluation of the following systems: architectural, structural, roofing, mechanical, electrical, paving and site utilities.



Shopko Department Store - Sheboygan, Wisconsin
STS performed a subsurface exploration and slope stability analysis for a new department store located on the crest of a 2 horizontal to 1 vertical 50-foot high slope. The analysis indicated that an adequate factor of safety against a slope failure would not exist if the structure was constructed as originally planned. STS recommended several alternatives to constructing the building at the originally planned location, thus providing an acceptable factor of safety against a slope failure.



Target Stores - Minneapolis, Minnesota
STS performed an assessment of on-site versus off-site refueling requirements for the regional distribution center. A site exploration assessment for the new fuel distribution facility was performed in conjunction with the new vehicle maintenance facility. STS designed the above ground fuel storage system and distribution center to meet specific client specifications. STS provided construction management and documentation testing during facility installation.



Target Stores - Various States
STS assisted Target Stores in preparing NPDES permit applications and conducting detailed site reconnaissance for their distribution centers in Minnesota, California, Indiana, Colorado, Georgia and Arkansas. STS prepared detailed site plans identifying drainage conveyance systems, delineating drainage boundaries including run-on and run-off conditions, identifying existing storm water management practices and material storage and handling practices. STS prepared Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for the California facilities. In addition, STS identified NPDES permitting requirements and application information for construction activities in ten states.



West Town Shopping Center Phase I - Joseph Freed Associates - Chicago, IL
STS performed a Phase I Environmental Assessment for West Town Shopping Center in Chicago, Illinois. The shopping center is composed of 21 commercial retail stores and franchises as well as several parking lots. Three tasks were performed as part of the Phase I EA -- a site and vicinity history/database review included review of previous environmental reports, USGS topography maps, aerial photographs, Sanborn fire insurance maps, and database listings; observations of the subject property and adjacent properties for evidence or sources of actual and/or potential environmental impairment as well as a survey for asbestos-containing building materials (ACBMs); and report preparation which presented the findings and provided conclusions regarding the potential for environmental impairment at West Town Shopping Center.



Circuit City Stores, Inc. - Elston Plaza, Chicago, Illinois
STS conducted a Phase I Environmental Assessment (EA) of an industrial property for a potential purchaser and proposed commercial development. The owner represented the site as having been adequately remediated, and provided copies of several consultants' assessment reports of Phase I, II, and remediation efforts. STS's recommendations for additional exploration were initially met with significant objections from the owner and their consultants. When the explorations were conducted, previously unknown hazardous waste levels of lead were detected, and an area underlain by PCB-bearing oil was also identified. STS was involved in discussions with the IEPA regarding clean-up levels and the contamination detected on-site. Remediation consisted of excavation and removal to a permitted landfill. STS provided oversight for the removal to assure the purchaser of compliance with the remedial action criteria.



Circuit City Stores, Inc. - Niles, Illinois
A proposed retail development was planned for a former electronics manufacturing site. Evidence of contamination had been disclosed during Phase I and Phase II assessments, associated with solvent use and storage, and leaking underground fuel storage tanks. STS represented the proposed tenant in the oversight and evaluation of the remediation effort to confirm compliance with the IEPA clean closure specifications. STS assisted in negotiating agreements and monitoring the remediation conducted by the consultant for the owner and developer of the site, and reviewed reports and correspondence to IEPA. We provided technical opinions to the proposed tenant's attorneys to be used in lease negotiations. These opinions included cost estimates for soil and groundwater remedial options which may be implemented.



Circuit City Stores, Inc. - Cincinnati, Ohio
STS performed a Phase II Environmental Assessment and provided consultation regarding a real estate transaction for a 13 acre site. Services included reviewing previous Phase I and Phase II reports, identifying assessment deficiencies, developing and implementing a supplemental Phase II EA work plan and consulting with the client to identify property remediation options toward the proposed development. The project included discussions with and concurrence with several engineering and environmental consultants who had formerly provided services on the subject site and adjacent parcels, and coordination with Ohio EPA personnel involved in reviewing and permitting the proposed development.



Department Store - Confidential Client - Charlotte, Michigan
A total of three columns and approximately 12,000 square feet of floor experienced extensive settlement. One column settled approximately 9 inches. STS performed a structural evaluation, geotechnical investigation, and designed repairs to restore the building. Repairs consisted of installing new pile foundations, jacking columns back to their appropriate elevation, and installation of a new structural floor slab. Repairs were phased to allow the store to remain open during repairs. STS also performed contract administration, field observations, and quality control testing during repairs.



Former Jan’s Mini Mart Property - Financial Institution - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
STS conducted a site assessment, then provided services related to removal of underground storage tanks (UST) at this former retail gasoline station. Following removal of the USTs, STS conducted field testing and designed a groundwater remediation system. Groundwater benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX) concentrations have been reduced more than 99 percent, with all BTEX compounds reported at less than the respective Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 140 Preventive Action Limits. Site closure was granted in early 1997 thereby facilitating transfer to the state for a roadway expansion.



Circuit City Stores, Inc. - 200 sites in 28 states
STS performed environmental assessments of proposed store sites throughout the country with a turnaround schedule of three weeks or less. Development sites included new construction and redevelopment of existing buildings in retail centers. Assessments included Phase I site assessments in accordance with ASTM procedures, asbestos surveys and Phase II drilling and analysis of soil/groundwater samples where appropriate. STS participated in negotiations with state regulators on applicable clean-up standard to be achieved by owners prior to Circuit City occupancy. STS also performed geotechnical investigations and provided construction field services at many of the Midwest store sites. The geotechnical services included six to eight borings at each site with a report describing site conditions and foundation and/or pavement recommendations.