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Location of Floor Slab Voids - Confidential Client - Ann Arbor, Michigan
A large warehouse in Ann Arbor had suffered extensive settlement and cracking of the floor slab, with no accompanying movement of the foundation piles. Investigation of design drawings showed that the floor had been laid as a slab on grade, with no tie into the foundations or the structure. Using the Transient Dynamic Response Test, with a small number of core and drill holes for confirmation, STS was able to map out the void areas and support conditions beneath the floor slabs, and plan an appropriate program of injection grouting to restore the less damaged portions to correct level, resulting in substantial savings to the owner.


Room & Board Warehouse - Minneapolis, MN
STS's soil exploration determined that construction of Room & Board's 65,000 square foot warehouse would entail full-time, special inspection of the extensive earthwork preparation of the building pad. Using a variety of soil testing equipment, STS field personnel documented the strength of the natural soils and compaction of the fill soils. To reduce earthwork costs, STS assisted the excavator in developing a "blend" of imported sand and native soils that provided a suitable structural fill, but minimized the quantity of soil requiring disposal. STS also provided special inspection services for concrete; reinforcing and structural steel; and masonry.


Commercial Properties - Principal Financial Group - Chicago, Illinois
STS evaluated eight separate properties developed for warehousing, office park and light industrial manufacturing use. This included transportation and warehouse facilities used for shipping and storing hazardous materials. Facilities occupied with permitted hazardous waste generators and underground storage tanks were encountered.


Warehouse Facility - Super Valu Stores, Inc. - Kenosha, Wisconsin
STS completed geotechnical evaluation, foundation recommendations, a groundwater condition survey and construction monitoring for a 500,000 square foot grocery warehouse facility.


Abbott Laboratories - Abbott Park, Illinois
Abbott's AP 32 office and warehouse was designed with a 20' basement supported on footing foundations. The four-story structural steel building was designed with "Super-Flat" slabs to facilitate sensitive stacking machinery and storage of products. STS provided technicians both at the project site and at the concrete batching plant to monitor the mixture and ensure that it was delivered as designed. With radio contact between the technicians, adjustments of the mix were made throughout placement and the concrete was placed and finished to provide the flatness desired.


Ross Laboratories - Sturgis, Michigan
STS was retained by Ross Laboratories to provide geotechnical engineering services for a construction project at the Sturgis facility. The project consisted of constructing two warehouse additions and an office building addition on the site. STS performed twenty-one soil borings from depths of six to twenty feet. In the three proposed building addition areas, STS encountered uncontrolled fill, topsoil and buried topsoil layers in all three areas. STS presented both excavation/backfill and deep foundation/structural slab alternatives for a sound foundation design. In addition, STS performed an asphalt mix design and materials testing services prior to and during construction. These testing services included soils, concrete and asphalt.


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